We might be cousins

This blog will be dedicated to genealogy, mainly French Canadian, where we’re all cousins.  My husband is not French Canadian so I may find reasons to post my research about his family.

The past four years have been a journey.  As far as I knew my family was in Canada then came down to New Hampshire.   What a surprise to find myself looking in Maine, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota, and Oregon for the siblings in my great great grandfather’s generation.

I always wondered what type of name LaFleur is.  Turns out there are lots of LaFleurs and because it’s a nickname, we might not be cousins, or close cousins, but we can figure it out pretty quick.  My uncle told me to find “Gagean.”  I learned about ‘dit’ names. I also found that names will change in a generation and not just by crossing borders into the US.  A family that began as Barsa/Breza dit LaFleur, becomes Gagean dit Lafleur.  Why?  Still planning to research that one.

I took French recently as an adult learner in college and have been able to use that skill to read the church records.  And I’m always learning something new in history; it’s more nuanced than what we’re taught in school.

Sometimes we’ll talk about food, because really, how can you talk about family and not mention food.

Stay tuned.  In the coming weeks, I’ll begin with a couple of brick walls where I think my experience will provide clues for others.  After all, I’m almost still a beginner.


About jpenfiel

An amateur genealogist with French-Canadian roots.
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